Defense is fundamental. Ideally you want to have multiple layers of protection in place.  This will make it more of a challenge for the intruder to pierce through.  The concept you will see repeated throughout this site is that you want to make it as difficult as possible.  Yes, this could mean it take you an extra step get into your house, you computer or your files but trust me, it is well worth it at the end.  The more difficult you make it for them the more quickly they will drop you and move on to an easier target. Since much of cybercrime is run by criminal organizations that seek financial profit, this is a volume business. They want to get to as much information and hack as many people as quickly as possible to make the most amount of profit. You want to be part of that group of people that they will ignore since it is too much trouble for them.

Lets look at a house that has multiple defensives.  As you read about this house, think about how your house compares.  If you live in an apartment or condo, you are not off the hook.  There are plenty of points that will apply to you as well.  You may not have to worry about that outside but when you start to look at your next rental or go to your condos HOA, you may have some valuable information to provide them.  The more secure your building is, the safer everyone who lives there will be.


You have a lovely home. There is a gate at the front of the property that is connected to a fence that surrounds it.  Bright night lighting to help you see clearly all around your house when you come home late or go out at night.  There are no large trees or obstructions around the entrance or around the house were someone could hide to sneek up on you when you are coming home or  spy on you and your family.  You have a a strong door locks are antipick on your doors and cameras outside your home.  High impact windows and doors, an alarm system with a battery backup in case the electricity phone goes out.  The alarm system has a wireless transmitter as a back up to your phone line.  You arm the alarm at night and when away from your home.  As a backup, your alarm is set to automatically set itself a time of night you and your family are ready for bed just in case you forget to set it.  You have a guard dog, German Sheppard’s and other breeds of dogs are excellent for security and as companions but any dog would do.  The fact they make noise when they hear something off is good.  Inside the home, there is a safe with important documents.  The desktops and laptops have password and the hard drives are encrypted.  All of the smart phones have passwords and location services turn on to find them if they get lost.  Thinking about this home, how safe do you feel?  How does your home compare?

Let’s say you have a neighbor that did not take precautions the way you have.  Maybe they did just a few of these physical security controls.  Who do you think is more likely keep their family safe?  I think you would agree, your neighbor my find themselves in bad situation which could have ben avoided.