Let’s say your company only does business in Florida or the US-then you may be an ideal candidate for GEO locking at the Firewall Level.

How does this work? You would configure the firewall to block or create an DENY DENY Rule/ACL for all non us countries. You may have to go in occasionally and create an exception for a user let’s say an executive traveling overseas.

These cases are few so the temporary rule can be disabled once they are back and their car is parked next to yours in front of the building.

Geo Blocking limits your attack surface immensely since now you are only dealing with us based or a limited number of countries as true attackers. Another advantage of GEO Blocking is that a good deal of malicious attackers come from APAC or Eastern Bloc countries, by stopping them at the gate, they have no chance of doing harm inside.

GEO Blocking works best in combination with strong perimeter security and defense in depth. By itself it is only slightly useful.